Why hire a fundraising consultant, you ask? Great question!

Eight Reasons to Hire a Fundraising Consultant

Your organization has decided to raise funds for one reason or another, but where do you go from there? Here are 8 reasons you may want to hire a fundraising consultant:

  1. A new perspective: A fundraising consultant brings a fresh pair of unbiased eyes to the table. This gives you the opportunity to get an impartial take on your organization, your fundraising goal, and the public’s perception of both.
  2. Years of expertise: Consultants focus on their area of expertise- their genius, allowing you to focus on yours! They understand how to plan and implement campaigns, communicate with the various stakeholders, write grants, ask for planned and major gifts, assist with board development, fundraising research, direct appeals, and more!
  3. Accountability: Without accountability, without focus, fundraising can often be put on the back burner, and funds are simply not pursued. A fundraising consultant provides accountability, keeping everyone on track for a successful result.
  4. Planning: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Major projects like fundraising campaigns need to be carefully planned out. Your fundraising consultant can help you create a plan that is practical and achievable.
  5. Cheerleading: If your fundraising campaign is going to work, your people need to believe in it. A fundraising consultant is skilled at getting the attention of the CEO and board as well as giving the staff and volunteers the confidence that they can succeed.
  6. New resources: Your people are already busy and you don’t want to hire anyone full time. Here’s a fundraising consultant to the rescue! Your fundraising consultant will also be able to direct you to other resources, such as writers and designers, or handle those needs for you.
  7. Strategy: Having a plan is one thing; having a strategy for executing that plan is another. A fundraising consultant sees the big picture, analyzes all the data, creates a plan, and walks you through that plan while addressing the challenges that inevitably pop up along the way.
  8. Training: There’s lots of information about fundraising available online and your staff can definitely learn how to do it. Sometimes in-person, hands-on training is a great way to get everyone up to speed.

The right consultant at the right time can be transformational for your fundraising program.  Call us today so we can create a plan that takes you to the finish line!