Fund Development Services

Newman Consulting can help you develop and implement a fundraising strategy that will enable you to reach your funding goals. Are you ready to dream big? Our fund development services include:

Feasibility Studies for Non-Profits

A feasibility study will help your non-profit determine how you can most effectively move forward with a capital fundraising campaign with confidence. Large capital campaigns are no small undertaking and conducting the proper research beforehand is considered a due diligence step for any Board of Directors.  READ MORE.

Capital Campaign Counsel

Are you dreaming of a major capital project that will need some serious fundraising? A capital campaign requires substantial planning and can typically last 24-36 months. Your non-profit’s capital campaign could be the biggest and most complex activity the organization will take on in it’s life cycle. You might require a capital campaign as part of your strategic plan in order to move forward with projects like facility renovations, moving locations or finally owning your own building. Where do you start? READ MORE.

Fund Development Planning

Your fund development program should be considered a fully integrated part of your organization’s full system and operations. It is an ongoing, rewarding process that engages everyone involved in your organization in some way, at all times. Hiring a professional consultant to help create a fund development plan and program will ensure your organization is meeting it’s funding goals, but is also building relationships and strengthening its position with the community including relationships with future donors and sponsors. READ MORE.

Customized Training

Sometimes all we need is a little push in the right direction and we can take it from there!    Newman Consulting offers professional development opportunities tailored to your organization.  We can train your staff in a variety of spaces relating to fund development to increase long-term sustainability and have a greater impact in your community.

With the creation of the Canada-Alberta Jobs Grant — providing funding for training initiatives to build employee skills and organizational capacity (up to 2/3 funding for existing employees; full funding for new employees), we can tailor a program to meet the required 21 hours of training, over multiple sessions.

For full details on the CAJG program visit: CAJG Application Guide.

Grant Writing

An experienced grant writer will help your non-profit find and successfully compete for applicable grant funding offered by private foundations and government organizations. We will write clear and concise grant applications that provide grant funders with the information they require, while sharing your organization’s personal story and the impact you make in your community.  READ MORE.

Organization Consulting & Coaching

A professional consultant will ensure your organization has the proper structure to implement your fundraising ventures.  READ MORE.