Feasibility Study

A feasibility study will help your non-profit determine how you can most effectively move forward with a capital fundraising campaign with confidence. Large capital campaigns are no small undertaking and conducting the proper research beforehand is considered a due diligence step for any Board of Directors. This study will include information that will allow you to gauge the success of your campaign by reviewing:

  • the public’s perception of your organization and whether they see or understand the importance of the project you are fundraising for.
  • the probable donor base, how they can be reached and their giving potential.
  • availability of staff and volunteers to implement the campaign.
  • any resources required and whether or not the organization is readily prepared to execute the campaign.
  • any other factors, external or internal, that might influence the outcome of the campaign.

A feasibility study will take approximately 12-16 weeks, depending on the availability of interview participants.

Once the feasibility study is conducted, you’ll receive a final report on the feasibility of the proposed fundraising campaign. This report will include findings, conclusions, and recommendations for moving forward.