Fund Development Planning

Your fund development program should be considered a fully integrated part of your organization’s full system and operations. It is an ongoing, rewarding process that engages everyone involved in your organization in some way, at all times. Hiring a professional consultant to help create a fund development plan and program will ensure your organization is meeting it’s funding goals, but is also building relationships and strengthening its position with the community including relationships with future donors and sponsors.

Creating an effective fund development plan is a process and requires commitment of both time and energy from your organization’s staff, volunteers and Board of Directors. Newman Consulting will help you execute the key steps in fund development planning and implementation. These steps include:

  • Creating a culture of philanthropy within the organization.
  • Finding potential funding sources.
  • Developing relationships with potential funders and donors.
  • Positioning your organization strategically in the fund development marketplace.
  • Organizing your resources to execute the fund development work.
  • Maximizing the return on investment through solicitation strategies.
  • Implementing the plan, monitoring progress and implementing changes where necessary.
  • Evaluating results and analyzing implications.

Newman Consulting has the experience and knowledge to help your organization create an effective and successful fund development plan, personalized to accommodate your specific challenges and suit your organizational needs. Hiring a professional will ensure your plan runs within your organization like a well-oiled machine. Let us guide you through strategic planning, governance and management, enabling volunteers and many other areas within your organization.