Donor Love

Most of us Non-Profit folk have heard the term Donor-centric. In laments terms, make the donor the center of your fundraising activities. It is very easy to get into a place as a non-profit where we look at a Donor or Prospect and see two $ signs where their eyes should be. This can be a dangerous place for a fundraiser to be.

I get it, I’ve been there too. We NEED the money and they have it and plus they must like us already to have given once. Let me use this as an opportunity to bring us back to the fact there are well over 23,000 registered non-profits here in Alberta alone, not to mention all of the national and international causes worth supporting. Therefore we need the donor more than they need us and if you don’t treat them with love and adoration, a different non-profit will and there goes your donor and their funding.

Our goal should be to make our donors love US more than any other non-profit.

I’m not talking about the cheesy, template style, automatic “Thank You for your Donation”, or the annual invoice notification.

Those communication pieces serve a purpose and they are necessary. They could use a little less cheese and more gratitude, but still, send them.

No, my point is, you CANNOT afford to lose contact with your donor base. Help them know you are using their funds for a good cause. THEY are having an impact in the world and you’re simply helping them.

Showing a donor love is not about setting them up for their next gift but rather showing gratitude. Let the donor know they are a hero to your organization and the individuals you serve.

So rather than being a part of the atrocious attrition stats, get out a pen and a card and write a personal note, by hand. Maybe do a shout out in your newsletter, or better yet have your Board randomly call donors and share a brief success story from the organization.

Donor love and appreciation doesn’t have to be expensive, nor does it have to be tacky, but it does need to ensure the donor knows you care about them as a person and not just about their money.